ˈeKō pronounced echo

We‘re an Atlanta based production company that is part explorer, part filmmaker and part storyteller that seeks out the extraordinary in life and strives to bring that to the small screen through commercial advertising and branded entertainment.

From creative inception, to production, through post, we can deliver any project from scripted live action to interactive VR/360.

We love creating content and look forward to collaborating with you. Let usˈeKō your idea!


Josh Fritts



     Josh Fritts is a proud Atlanta native and Georgia State University grad that has spent the last 15 years of his career learning the finer details of high end image capture and how that applies to storytelling. He has worked as a creative on major studio films like ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes,’ and numerous commercials for brands like Geico and Adidas. His borderline obsession with photography and love of collaboration is what makes him a great teammate for any project. If he is not telling a visual story with moving images, he is looking for beauty in a roll of B&W film.

     To date he has hung from 1000ft vertical drops in Africa, been surround by flying, burning debris in Russia and shot out of the back of a truck at 100mph, but his biggest and best adventure has been tackling the big slide at the park with his son.

.....He also has a wicked addiction to sparkling water.....


     Anya Monzikova, producer and co-creative, started her career in the TV, film and commercial world as an in front of the camera talent for 15 years. She has worked with brands such as Dos Equis, Cadillac, Toyota, Axe, GoDaddy, Old Navy, Gilt City, Progressive, and has worked on such films as marvel’s Iron Man 2, the series S.W.A.T, NCIS New Orleans and ABC Family’s Melissa & Joey, just to name a few.

     Her knowledge of the talent world  along with an eye for good casting is a vital part to any collaborative effort from script to screen. Melting her two loves of creative story telling and visual arts makes her a valuable asset to any production. She also loves interior design, DIY, good food, her other half (Josh)–well most days, their son August and a good bottle of wine.


Anya Monzikova



Robert Paraguassu

Animation Director


Over his 15+ year career in animation, Robert Paraguassu has had the good fortune to work on some amazing projects - from the Emmy-winning "Archer" as 3D Animation Director to background graphics for the 2017 Dungeon Family reunion concert. He worked for a small ad agency for five years, an independent animation studio for six, and freelance for several years. With enough time and resources, he can make anything look like anything.